The Church I Now See


I see our people that passionately worship Him together. Our people corporately engage in communion with Jesus through connect groups and weekend services. We grow together through experience, His grace and living out truth as one body unified. We are relevant and attractive to those near and far from God, showing love to all people we encounter.


Our songs are the unique sound of our hearts expressed to God. As we engage in praise, the atmosphere is one of joy, gratitude and celebration.  Freedom and victory is released as we sing. There’s an awareness of God’s presence among us.


I see hungry people digging for treasure in God’s Word. Our teachers share the wisdom of God for success & godliness. We take those words, understand them and apply them. This church has people at the crossroads of decisions that will change the family line, their companies that affect the community and decisions that will affect our nation. So we equip them for their passion and purpose with the wisdom of God’s word in every class, service and conference that we offer.


I see our church changing the world through our witness, our lifestyle and relevance to the people around us. We will change our families, communities and world through our willingness to be light in darkness. We teach apologetics in an atmosphere of grace. We will shine through connect groups that are fun, filled with grace, truth and are attractive to the unchurched. We actively take the Good News to the world through our contributions to world missions & our annual mission trips.


I see our church full of dreamers and visionaries. We have big goals that require great resources. I see our people building wealth by following a biblical worldview on finance. Through biblical applications of wealth building we will live generously & leave an inheritance to our children’s children. We will see needs in the world and be wealthy enough to meet them. I see us as lenders and not borrowers, above and not beneath. We will be faithful managers of God’s resources until He returns.


I see people discovering their “why”. People come to Crossroads and leave out a step closer to knowing God’s purpose for their lives. We inspire people to live each day as a gift from God, to live it passionately on purpose. We are grateful that Jesus gave His life for us and now we want to live for Him. Those who stay at Crossroads are actively seeking to accomplish greatness and to leave a legacy in this world.

-Sean Reed

Founding Pastor

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